StringDB .NET Localization Solution

StringDB .NET
Create multilanguage software automatically.
StringDB is a localization component for Microsoft .NET 2003 & 2005 and .NET Compact Framework. StringDB helps you create multi-language applications in the least time. It is a powerful localization solution that enables you change languages without recompiling, at the runtime. More...

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StringDB Embedded Localization Solution

StringDB for Embedded
Localization solution for embedded devices.
Multilanguage solution for embedded devices. Works with all platforms that supports C/C++. Embedded devices can support all languages with StringDB. Localize embedded devices easily with StringDB for Embedded. More...

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DotNet Serial Port Component

The simplest serial port communication for Microsoft .NET
DotNetSerialPort is an easy to use serial port communication component that supports C# .NET, C++ .NET, Visual Basic .NET. Serial port communication can be added to your application in minutes with DotNetSerialPort. More...

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NoteThing - Organizer Software

Note Thing
The simplest organizer software
Note Thing is an easy to use and powerful personal organizer software that helps you to remember everything and keep track of your tasks. You can add tasks, notes, ideas, events, contacts in seconds and find what you are looking for in seconds. Get the simplest and most powerful personal organizer & task manager software now. More...

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