SWBOX Releases DotNetSerial 1.7.7

Claymont, DE – June 26, 2007 – SWBOX.com, announced the release of a new product for software developers: DotNetSerial. DotNetSerial is a powerful and easy to use software for developers who need serial communication in .NET and .NET Compact Framework applications. DotNetSerial enables you to write bytes, string and hexadecimal data through your device’s serial ports, to read bytes, strings, delimited data from serial ports. DotNetSerial also notifies application about serial port events like received data in the serial port buffer, errors in serial port. DotNetSerial supports various platforms including .NET, .NET CF.

DotNetSerial is available for donwload at www.swbox.com. Limited version of DotNetSerial allows up to 1K of data transfer which is enough for integrating serial port feature into applications before buying the product.


Writes binary, string, hexadecimal data to serial ports.

Reads delimited string, binary data from serial ports.

Enables user about serial port events.

Lists all ports of the system.

Easy to integrate with GPS, RFID solutions that are connected via serial port.

Supports .NET and .NET Compact Framework applications.

SWBOX.com is a software development company, located in Delaware. We create simple, cost-effective software solutions that make developers’ life easier.

URL: www.swbox.com

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