DotNetSerialPort, The Easiest Serial COM Component for your .NET Projects
  Serial port Component for .NET

DotNetSerialPort enables you to;

Control GPS devices via the serial port
Configure network devices through the serial port
Control modems connected via the serial port
Control Blutetooth and IrDa devices via the serial port
Control RFID readers / writers via the serial port
Control & configure any kind of device with serial port interface
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DotNetSerialPort gives you the power of serial port communication to control GPS, RFID, IrDa, Bluetooth, ... devices in minutes.

DotNetSerialPort enables controlling devices and machines that have serial communication interface with its synchronous and asynchronous communication through serial port. Read DotNetSerialPort API reference or download .chm version for more information.

Learn more about serial port programming in Microsoft .NET

Com ports can be controlled directly by "COM2", "COM3", ...
Can control unlimited number of ports.
Supports binary read & write
Supports hexadecimal read & write for driver development.
Supports text read & write
Parity, stop bits, baud rate, data bits can be set on the fly
Notifies your application when data is received thorugh serial port
Hardware flow control (RTS/CTS, DTR/DSR)
Software flow control (XON/XOFF)
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