StringDB .NET

SDBManager Members

SDBManager overview

Public Instance Constructors

SDBManager Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the SDBManager class.

Public Instance Properties

CurrentLanguage Gets the current language SDBLanguage
CurrentLanguageIndex Gets or sets the current language index
LanguageCount Gets the number of languages contained in the StringDB
Languages Gets the language list
SourcePath Gets the path to the StringDB binary file
StringCount Gets the number of strings in the StringDB
Version Gets SDBManager version number

Public Instance Methods

AddObject Adds object to the list of auto-localized objects
RemoveObject Removes the object from the auto-localized objects
ShowLanguageDialog Shows a built-in language selection dialog with preview option
Translate Translates a default string to the current language
UpdateStrings Updates the strings of the objects

Public Instance Events

OnLanguageChange This event is fired when the language is changed
OnStringUpdate This event is fired when the strings are updated. Implement this event handler when you have extra strings that you update manually.

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