StringDB .NET - Create multilanguage applications without writing code!

The easiest way for multilingual applications in Microsoft .NET. StringDB .NET creates international .NET applications in minutes. It also converts existing applications to multilingual without recoding.

StringDB .NET is a localization tool - component suite, which helps you localize your Microsoft .NET applications. New languages can be added to your application without recompilation. Even end users can change languages of your application in minutes. StringDB .NET also supports Windows CE based smart device applications, such as Pocket PC and Smart Phone, with its powerful Compact Framework support.

StringDB .NET enables localization for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 & 2005 and Compact Framework Editions.
One executable file for all languages, Modify strings without recompiling
Supports all languages & special characters (UTF-8, Unicode)
Change languages/strings without having a new software release
Convert applications to multi-language without recoding
No need for a special resource editor. Edit and keep your strings in MS Excel sheets.
Switch languages easily at runtime
Improve source code security by separating strings from the application.
Supports .NET1.1, .NET2.0, .NET Compact Framework
Supports all .NET languages like C#, VB.NET, VC++.NET
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