Make your devices multilingual in minutes with StringDB

Most powerful multiingual solution for embedded systems that gives you the power of changing languages at runtime, without recompiling.

StringDB for Embedded helps you to localize your embedded applications. New languages can be added to your application without recompilation. Even end users can change languages of your embedded system in minutes.

StringDB's ANSI C API makes it work with any kind of CPU/OS/Platform.

Read StringDB Wizard Manual for more information about how to use StringDB. You can also ask for assistance from our experienced embedded software development team.

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StringDB has been used widely in embedded devices
StringDB used in many embedded devices as localization solution
Supports any device, CPU, OS
One binary file for all languages, Modify strings without recompiling
Merges languages to your binary file on platforms without a file system.
Supports all languages & special characters (UTF-8, Unicode)
Change languages/strings without having a new software release
Convert applications to multi-language with minimum coding
No need for a special resource editor. Edit and keep your strings in MS Excel sheets.
Change languages easily at runtime
Everyone, even non-technical people can change languages of an application.
StringDB for embedded supports all embedded devices with C/C++ support.
StringDB supports any OS like Symbian, VxWorks, Linux, Win32 or without OS, etc.
StringDB supports any CPU, little/big endian, different alignments like x86, Motorola, SPARC, x51, etc.