StringDB Wizard Manual

StringDB Wizard is the tool that creates the StringDB binaries. StringDB Wizard processes strings and translations in specially formatted Microsoft Excel files and outputs a binary file, StringDB.The output StringDB file is then read by your application to be able to change languages and strings without recompiling, on the fly.

Main Page Overview

  1. Load String Table; Click this to open and load Excel files
  2. Available Languages; This is the list of languages found in Excel file
  3. Selected Languages; This is the list of languages that will be used to create StringDB
  4. Select/Deselect buttons; Use these buttons to move languages back and forth between available and selected language lists.
  5. Settings; Click this to open the settings dialog.
  6. Load/Save project; You can save and load the current project settings.
  7. Prefix; This is the prefix that will be added to the StringDB file name. Default file name is “StringDB.bin”.
  8. Create; Press this button to start the StringDB creation process.
  9. Project Info; This is the information about the StringDB to be created.
  10. Online Help; You can access help pages on our web site by clicking this link
  11. Support; Click this link to ask questions to our support team.
  12. Mode Tabs; Use this to change the view mode.

StringDB Wizard Overview