StringDB Wizard Manual
Format of the Excel Files

There is a sample Excel file “strtable.xls” in the installation directory.

  • First row is reserved for the language names
  • Second row is reserved for ISO639-2 byte language codes
  • First column is reserved for string IDs. Enter the string IDs to the first column
  • Create required language columns starting at second column. Enter the original strings and their corresponding translations starting from the second column.

StringDB Excel File Template

!!! StringDB Wizard creates the StringDB related files by using the Excel file. Please DO NOT change the document template.

Keywords that you can use in Excel files

[USE_DEFAULT] : You can use this keyword for the strings that you don’t want to be translated
[EMPTY] : You can use this keyword to mark the empty cells, or you can simply leave the cells empty. If enabled in settings, empty cells can be directed to default strings.
\x escape character: You can use ‘\x’ to insert any special symbols in strings. Put any hexadecimal number following ‘\x’ .

StringDB Keywords